Industrias de Envases S.A. is a Colombian industry founded in 1950. We are leaders in the manufacturing of high quality aluminum collapsible tubes. We are currently exporting our products to several American countries.

Production process is certified with the norm ICONTEC ISO 9001: 2015.

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Our products are manufactured according to the standards of the Colombian Norm ICONTEC 1803 for: packaging, metallic collapsible tubes, and according to customer’s demands.

Tubes manufacturing process is strictly controlled, which guarantees our excellent quality.

Our suppliers are continuosly evaluated   to ensure our outstanding raw material quality, supplies, and services.

Each production batch is delivered with its respective quality certification, in which the specifications concerning the tubes are assigned; these are verified during the process and final inspection



Industrias de Envases S.A., whose activity is the fabrication of aluminium collapsible tubes, has implemented a sociable responsible management system that integrates quality, the environment, security and health at work, which allows to move towards continuous improvement and sustainability, to achieve not only compliance with legal requirements but the full satisfaction of its clients and other stakeholders, and at the same time, reduce the risks that affect the company’s sustainability and the risks that may affect security and health at work, caused by the development of its activities.



Manufacture and commercialize high quality aluminium collapsible tubes for the packaging of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial products. Attending customers, occupational and environmental applicable requirements.

Strengthening the competence of our human talent, with responsibility and commitment towards the improvement of the company and all our stakeholders.


In 2024, Industrias de Envases S.A., we will be recognized at the national level as a company that produces aluminum collapsible tubes and ABL laminates tubes, of excellent quality and service through the optimization of resources and innovative and environmentally friendly processes achieve annual growth in sales for the benefit of concerned parties.






Cra 29 No. 37-31 Postal code: 763531

Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, South America

Tel: +57 (2) 280 6950 Fax: +57 (2) 275 7535